Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Waiting to buy something

Is there something you want to buy the next chance you get? Do you have your eye on a new couch, a new mp3 player, or a new car?

You may find that the longer you defer, or delay, a purchase, the less necessary it will seem.

A prime example for this could be a new car. As you continue to drive an older car, you are avoiding a new payment. This is an easy concept, but the other savings you are keeping may not be as easy to identify.

By waiting, you give yourself time to think about the necessity of the purchase. You may decide to buy something cheaper, or decide on not buying it at all. You could also end up getting a new model by waiting a little while before you buy.

A habit of mine is to check online prices for nearly everything. Even things you wouldn't normally buy online are available. Even if you don't buy the item online, this gives you a good frame of reference for what is available.

If you give yourself extra time on a purchase, you give yourself time to try to save money on it.

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