Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sometimes a buddy of mine will respond to a conversation with, "You're just trying to get rich!"

This is probably due to my zealous approach to explaining the power of compound interest.

My reply is: "I'm just trying to be financially independent!"

The first goal should just be saving to make sure you can retire when you want and still do the things you want without stressing out about money. Once you start looking at it this way, it makes a lot of sense when you start changing some of your behaviors. The power of compound interest is just too ridiculous to not take advantage of.

In previous posts, I have tried to highlight this, in the interest of bringing more attention to the concept, and ease, of saving for life after your career.

My personal aim is to be financially secure for my spouse and I's benefit. There are some who choose to "hate" on this concept, with an accusation of "trying to be rich."

To that, I reply, "Is financial independence such a horrible goal"?

I leave that to my readers to decide, but I hope to spread the knowledge that this goal is attainable for anyone. All that is required is a desire to learn the basics, and apply them!

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