Friday, December 11, 2009

Seek explanation

Another perfect example of why you should always consider the source of any information given/told/shown to you when it comes to your investing choices.

Just because someone is showing you pretty graphs, pictures, or reports, should not sway your natural instinct which should be caution.

Just like someone who walks into a car dealership without any information on invoice pricing will lose, so will you. There is easy to obtain knowledge about negotiating that will prevent you from getting taken advantage of, and the use of information prevents these types of financial matters.

While it sure would be nice if everyone just took good care of their neighbors, it's just not realistic.

Do your own follow up research on anything financial related before making a decision. If anyone has a problem with that, or tries to pressure you, walk away.

There are always more opportunities out there, and if the person in front of you is not willing to explain things so that you can understand them, you should be looking for something else.

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