Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Extended Warranties

My laptop was recently giving me some issues.

I purchased it at the end of 2007, and I'm hoping to use it until it melts.

That, or until I start getting looks similar to those still using Betamax instead of Bluray.

With that in mind, when I bought the laptop I managed to find a better deal with the purchase of an extended warrranty.

This was a little odd, as extended warranties usually add cost without neccesarily adding the same amount of value.

I managed to combine a work discount, coupon, rebate, and the warranty purchase for less than I would have paid at Best Buy. That was intended to be somewhat of a joke, as Best Buy is usually anything but on big purchases.

Usually Best Buy also hounds you to buy their extended warranty too, which I've always found overpriced.

In fact, I am usually against buying extended warranties, unless I know there is a part that tends to die after so many uses/hours.

I purchased a Mack Cam warranty for my TV for example, because I knew the bulbs tended to go out within two years. I learned this after intensive research on Avsforum.com.

Sometimes it does make sense to purchase an extended warranty, and my laptop warranty paid off, with the motherboard, fan, and heatsink being replaced free of charge.

This also let me watch the technician do it so I can potentially do it again after the warranty is up!

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