Monday, October 26, 2009

My asset allocation

Here is my asset allocation for both my Roth IRA, and for my 401k.


Total Return Bond 7.98%
Treasury Inflat Protected 13.24%
S&P 500 Index 34.30%
Small & Mid Cap Index 30.76%
Intl Index 13.72%


Individual Stocks 40.7%
Mutual Funds (non index) 21%
Money Market 38.3%

Today I am rebalancing (which means sticking to your set investment goals in percentages of what you invest in) and adding to my bond holdings in my Roth.

I intend to use the money market cash to invest in a bond index fund.

I plan on reducing my individual stock exposure incrementally, as many of those are stocks I experimented with when I started my first Roth a few years back. As I shift out of the individual stocks, I intend to add to my Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, which are intended to return more if inflation increases.

I also intend to rebalance some of the small and mid cap index, as that has grown to be a larger part of my allocation than originally intended.

My goals for allocation are:

Individual stocks <5%
Bonds/TIPS 35%
S&P Index 40%
Intl Index 10%
Small/Mid Index 10%

Ultimately, my goals is to be entirely invested in low cost index funds.


  1. Ummmmmm, so what are you doing with our money? =P


    Yay for low cost index funds! =D

  2. Are those your allocations before or after rebalancing? If that is after rebalancing, why the fractions of a percent, why not round numbers?

  3. P,

    This is before rebalancing.

    Even a day after rebalancing, your percentages may vary from the market movements.